Botox Before and After Crows Feet

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Veja os Videos mais Sensacionais para a sua Beleza Brilhar em qualquer ocasião aqui você ira receber videos de moda, beleza, cabelos, perfumes, fitness, tendencias, nutrição.

Muito conteúdo de qualidade com videos para Você Mulher Brilhar e Deixar a sua Beleza Iluminar todos os caminhos por aonde você passar.

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24 Resultados

  1. Hairy Neck disse:

    How old is that gay? Sorry, I mean guy. How old is he?

  2. Hairy Neck disse:

    Wow, have you counted the years he’s slept??? I thought he was at least 40.

  3. MrEastRyder disse:

    That’s beast, talk about results.

  4. Danny Owen-Kohutek disse:

    Sunscreen isn’t good for your body.

  5. tetragis1 disse:


  6. TATA VEGA disse:

    Very big difference. Looks great. I get it done every five months. Why not treat yourself if you can afford it. There is noting wrong w/ improving yourself. Those that throw the hate probably cannot afford it and it wouldn’t help their looks if they could.

  7. Fisherman disse:

    take more saunas and hot bath and it will look more natural

  8. Ekaterine Shalikiani disse:


  9. cruising alongg disse:

    Ahhh..I would be nice if the Dr. iced the area before you got the injections. it makes it not as painful. just a common courtesy I think. u look great though.

  10. Marcus NL disse:

    He looks like a woman, no male features really.

  11. reparata11 disse:

    It would be nice if he stated how much Botox was injected on each side. It really helped so it would be nice to know.

  12. drania76 disse:

    No Emla? It must have been sore.

  13. sharon carranza disse:

    Iam 16 n i wanna get some botox lol

  14. steven felistiger disse:

    So gay.. huffttt

  15. Marsilla Dewi Baruch disse:

    Please moisturize and put on vitamin e

  16. Debbie Romano disse:

    Thank you for showing this video. I am considering becoming certified in giving Botox injections, and you look beautiful. I am happy with the follow up results you have shown.

  17. Jeff Green disse:

    Hey thanks for the video. I’ve never even thought about this sort of thing before. I’m 48 but have always looked really young for my age. I look early to mid 30s. That is except for those lines on the outside of my eyes when I smile. Can’t hide that. I’m not really considering doing something like this, but good to know it’s available. I always thought you had to get plastic surgery to do this sort of thing. Maybe in a few years I’ll look into it.

    Are there any horror stories about things going wrong? Or is it fairly routine and safe.

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