Botox Before and After

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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17 Resultados

  1. Bart Estes disse:

    He looks ten years younger.

  2. Travis Maupin disse:

    he looks so young

  3. Andrew Feng disse:

    can u move your forehead lines at all?

  4. Rusli Irawan disse:

    why did u do this? Guys with wrinkles are very common

  5. angie lopez disse:

    So fkjng gay

  6. treu writer disse:

    botox doesnt work by everyone.,if youre ugly,it wont work,u stay ugly.before and after…did u try the batman mask allready?that would help a lot.

  7. John Steelman disse:

    Does it hurt ?    How much does it  costs  ?

    • Ryan Ahadi disse:

      Doesn’t hurt but depends on pain threshold. The price depends on the place. Some places have $12.00 per shot, other places have $45.00 per shot.

  8. Ryan disse:

    that is so impressive

  9. HeadingForTomorrow disse:

    Wait, you can’t lift the inner portion of your eyebrow anymore (near nose)? It looks like when you raise your eyebrows before botox, the whole line raises up and down, but after botox only outer part raises up, sort of turns into V. Is this normal? 2:40

  10. buddy man disse:

    before after is not make more handsome. plastik surgery is better

  11. chuvi loco disse:

    every when do you need to have
    shots injected again, you feel me bra!

  12. THE LIGHT disse:

    Gosh ! Looks a lot different after Botox

  13. Mista _Wo disse:

    he can barely loft his eyebrows after taking it

  14. Mostafa Hussien disse:

    just a remark..I think it impacts your personality..before looks like easy going person with a lot of facial impressiona..after is like a bit royal like you won’t easily open up to impression

  15. jyothi siddipet disse:

    how much cost in India, after Botox wrinkle comes back???

  16. SoniA rajesh disse:

    it’s so painful na

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