ET FIRST: Cameron Diaz Regrets Botox

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Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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30 Resultados

  1. aintnobodygottimefadat disse:

    why was thw reporter so fucking annoying

  2. j simmons disse:

    this reporter is SO awful, poor cameron having to deal with her.

  3. dev karastha disse:

    the interviewer looks like she came str8 from a 90s softcore porn  movie

  4. nivledamh disse:

    We all age but she should fire her make up artist!!

  5. MELEDITH L. disse:

    Blah, blah, blah! She’s the burping queen and she’s ashamed of botox!?

  6. DEBPRIYA DAAS disse:

    weird..Botox complete bullshit…one needs good diet , yoga ;pranayam

  7. Furrybabys H disse:

    dumb sounding interviewer. Cameron still has botox on her 11’s .

  8. Sunflowershowers disse:

    The sex part is unrealistic, unless your always changing partners. When your in a committed relationship for a while the sex tones down and your not like rabbits anymore. Love deepens but sex lessens.

  9. f s disse:

    horrid interviewer

  10. Sierra Snider disse:

    the interviewer looks like she’s had work done though… they are both beautiful either way

  11. Christina Previte disse:

    Cameron, didn’t you get a nose job?

    • Marcia NaturElixir disse:

      apparently only because she broke it while surfing, she’s been pretty open about it. Apparently she couldnt breathe well through her nose from the breakage and had to have it surgically straightened again to make breathing easier.

  12. gigi gigi disse:

    meanwhile the interviewer is FULL IN FILLERS AND BOTOX @ half Diaz age

  13. toxic tongue disse:

    Cameron wears a tad too much blusher. She looks as if somebody slapped her in the face, just before the interview, lol

  14. Allison Kinkel disse:


  15. Michael Seitz disse:

    That’s no reporter, that’s Howard Stern’s wife probably in the position because she’s Howard Stern’s wife.

  16. YourMoms WorstNightmare disse:

    isnt that howard sterns wife

  17. emily disse:

    Her face is full of botox!

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