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Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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  1. Celine Adrienne disse:

    If you live in LA you know that botox is a common, normal and accepted part of the culture here. I have friends who have botox parties, as well as friends who have started getting botox as young as age 25. It just comes with the pressure of being “perfect” and the superficiality of living in LA. Vanity is a quite common human characteristic, as well as the fear and denial of aging. What people consciously do to their own bodies for their own peace of mind, that doesn’t affect negatively or harm anyone else, is their decision and deciding to hate that person or slander their name because of that is irrational.

    • Nakita Benjamin disse:

      Yeah, which makes me realize ever more that people would rather be perfect from the outside to the world than to be perfect from the inside to God. Sick world that we live in huh? It makes me believe in God and the bible ever more.

  2. Rogenia Ngwayah disse:

    All that good food they left on the table!!

  3. Rebecca Figueroa disse:

    First world problem..

  4. Makeup By WeaveBot disse:

    Ummm Did anyone else see Khloe at 1:11 ??? That made my day…

  5. Ivonna H disse:

    They ate the food guys it was edited.. The drinks were refilled.

  6. the originals disse:

    whatever happen to growing old gracefully?

  7. Paola Andrea disse:

    Kim was prettier without the botox

  8. tammynooo :3 disse:

    I know what it feels like cause my eyes are always burning and the doctors can’t even find out why

  9. Jana &Zoe disse:

    ohh that food looked so good. they just left it there

  10. Leslie Garcia disse:

    She was so gorgeous, she is still beautiful but her natural face was fine enough, she had amazing features, I wish someone stopped her from Botox and the other plastic surgery Jobs

  11. Pollyanna Principle disse:

    Why is this beautiful woman tampering with the perfection that the universe gave her. I hope Kanye isn’t pressuring her into all this plastic surgery. She was too beautiful to be messing with her face.

  12. Lisbeth Venegas disse:

    Kim is such a drama queen

  13. muteeb khan disse:

    I know I sound like an idiot but what does a botax do

  14. Destiny Warmack disse:


  15. Eagle Eye Gordon disse:

    anybody gonna eat that? hate for a $40 chicken breast to go to waste

  16. Corpse Bats disse:

    Kim’s voice is different …

  17. Alyssa Vilcek disse:

    Kim was so pretty

  18. Hhj88 K disse:

    they didn’t even eat the food or pack it

  19. maxine santos disse:

    why they didn’t pay?

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