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Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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  1. Chris Wood disse:

    botox paralyzes the muscle so surely like someone who has paralysis from waist downwards the muscles in they’re legs deteriorate, in the long run wont this make you look like you was face anorexia or just weird looking?

  2. Chris Wood disse:

    sorry ‘have’

  3. David Bernazani disse:

    Here’s a quote straight from Doctors Against Animal Experiments:
    “The standard (Botox testing) procedure is a classic LD 50 test. Groups of 100 mice are injected with different doses of Botox in the abdomen. The LD50 test causes substantial pain and suffering for the mice. The animals undergo paralysis, impaired vision and respiratory distress. After three or four days of suffering they finally die from suffocation.”
    It only lasts 2-6 months. Don’t do it!

  4. David Bernazani disse:

    burberry: yes, that’s another problem with it. Every new batch of Botox they use is tested on yet another group of animals, who die a slow, lingering death. Just so some women can temporarily get faces that look like plastic.

  5. John Crider disse:

    botox is not good for the skin in the long term.

  6. Courtney Chadwick disse:

    If you’re thinking about Botox, check out Face for Life, a more holisitic approach to skin rejuvenation.

  7. TheYumKitty disse:

    What were the “After” results?

  8. Claudio Kinzel disse:

    my wife want to do that, oh my god!

  9. Claudio Kinzel disse:


  10. Fr4nkWh1te disse:

    It was proven by scientists, that Botox inhibits certain brain functions !

  11. Cali Gurl disse:

    I think all of this plastic surgery/botox crap is just plain nonsense. Can we as people focus on more important things besides our looks?

  12. stegven hanot disse:

    does these injections change your voice?

  13. Leono Pranoto disse:

    i can do it!!

  14. Herbivore disse:

    @Fr4nkWh1te It must be a vicious cycle then, because I always thought your brain needs to be inhibited to get botox!

  15. nikisc1 disse:

    Botox does have side effects.. I stupidly got convinced to do my frown lines 5 days ago and today is the first day I have been able to even type! The nausea, ill feeling, depression, sadness, anxiety (extreme) muscle weakness, general feeling of “I am going to die” !!! Dont do it!! It poisons you even if they say it wont!

  16. bleebloe disse:

    this is pathetic.

  17. j sancho disse:

    Yeah…I had Botox done in Taiwan and the doctor used tiny syringes and only once per shot and the results were amazing. That needle length plus the crappy R&B music=scary!!!

  18. Ryu Hayabusa disse:

    A few weeks later the side effects start.

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