Meet Pia Wurtzbach’s personal stylist

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Veja os Videos mais Sensacionais para a sua Beleza Brilhar em qualquer ocasião aqui você ira receber videos de moda, beleza, cabelos, perfumes, fitness, tendencias, nutrição. Muito conteúdo de qualidade com videos para Você Mulher Brilhar e Deixar a sua Beleza Iluminar todos os caminhos por aonde você passar. Veja as melhores dicas de beleza, moda e estetica exclusiva para você mulher Aqui.

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  1. Alexa Reyes disse:

    I am glad she has a personal designer and stylist, but yes i agree for blue color and pulled up hair because she looks amazing and she is now identified as Miss U with that looks.

  2. Firstcollin Lastjt disse:

    Very cooL ❤️

  3. Randy Salcedo disse:

    kay sarap mong panuorin..ilove u pia..

  4. Drunkard disse:

    na-Bother ako bigla sa SWEMsuit… ok nman ung pronunciation ng lalaki along the way… pero bkit sumablay dun… lol.

  5. Jeane Naisse disse:

    her stylist is cute!

  6. Addy Liz disse:

    Really awesome that the MU winners are dressed up in designer labels from their home countries. This way they get more international recognotition and support 🙂

  7. Unica Linda disse:

    Okey pia ipqgmalaki natin na magaling na pilipino designer..buti ikaw ang pumili sa gusto mong suotin

  8. rodora buhat disse:

    pinagpala ka ni lord kc you are true Queen

  9. agent4you2 disse:

    She’s probably one of the best Miss Universe’s ever! She shines inside and out!

  10. Puddin Pop disse:

    It’s good to hear that she always include the Philippines to her everyday journey 🙂

  11. Floren Joy Majarucon disse:

    Pia…..I loved your beautiful eyes……

  12. Maxx61 disse:

    Agree with the blue but I’d love to see her with that hair down a bit more often. It really frames those eyes. Nonetheless, either way she radiates beauty.

  13. blognewb disse:

    Why are the videos like a time capsule from 1998? It’s damn 2016 and you still have analog video quality? Seriously? WTF is this on purpose? What if I wanted a TV subscription of your channel? You already lost a patron

  14. Jeri Mya disse:

    Was that Maslavi dress?

  15. Learn Filipino disse:

    Stay beautiful in and out!

  16. Karen Alfar disse:

    really nice Miss Universe Pia, you deserve it you have a very nice and such a sweet voice … Muahhh…

  17. Wilmer andres Becerra disse:


  18. Stefani Germanotta disse:

    Umm That’s why her outfit looks cheap.

  19. david quintero disse:


    • luvlee Bloom disse:

      @david quintero…. psssstttt dont’be a hater just accept da reality lol she the Miss Universe lol why u such a hater wahahaha be careful what u wish for lol maybe ur balls become vagina and make u a Miss Universe fagettt toinkkkk lol

    • Julia chang disse:

      david quintero lol move on you seemed pressed. watch us welcome miss colombia andrea tovar here in the philippines with kindness. u should follow us. ur a follower and we are ur leader. learn to live with it. xD

  20. nuvigroovi disse:

    Time to dress up Iris!

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