Personal Stylist Prank | Bad Ads RECAP and Bonus Footage

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Veja os Videos mais Sensacionais para a sua Beleza Brilhar em qualquer ocasião aqui você ira receber videos de moda, beleza, cabelos, perfumes, fitness, tendencias, nutrição. Muito conteúdo de qualidade com videos para Você Mulher Brilhar e Deixar a sua Beleza Iluminar todos os caminhos por aonde você passar. Veja as melhores dicas de beleza, moda e estetica exclusiva para você mulher Aqui.

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19 Resultados

  1. Manuel Noble disse:

    no offense but yo really shouldnt do these recaps your wasting a week of putting a new prank video

  2. Ashley Rhaburn disse:

    He looks like Ben Affleck

  3. pillowfighter32 disse:

    Shut up haters I love recaps

  4. Dashcamafg disse:

    Chris looks like Ben Affleck

  5. BadAdsFromChris disse:


  6. BadAdsFromChris disse:

    no I am too hahaha

  7. BadAdsFromChris disse:

    that could be pretty funny actually!

  8. ilovebanannas disse:

    You look like the guy in the Saints Row IV trailer.

  9. Johnny Capre disse:

    Be honest, as a man whom appears to be Ben Affleck’s identical twin, how often are you stopped on the streets by someone thinking you are him?

  10. Henry Manners disse:

    Yeah! why hasn’t it. When I first started watching your channel I thought it was from a T.V. show because of the production. Very professional. Anyways, keep on it Chris. Oh and you are probably the only guy I’m attracted too!!!……And I’m off……(Getting off)

  11. Curtis Benschop disse:


  12. Lee Sin disse:

    Ashley is freaken hilarious man you two are like the perfect duo to mess with people.

  13. Unknown disse:

    why do you look like ben affleck

  14. AIIUserNamesInvalid disse:

    last prank almost 2 months ago :/

  15. yusufandyasser disse:

    Are you alive

  16. Marlin disse:

    What is Karren’s full name?

  17. SherlockHolmesGaming disse:

    When r u making new vids?

  18. Devon Boone disse:

    U deserve more subscribers

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