Proof Hillary Clinton Is Having Frequent Seizures: Doctors with Diazepam Autoinjector in Las Vegas

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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  1. Ehmeh disse:

    why’s the sfx so loud. video needs mastering work. ugh.

  2. Madison One disse:

    If this is true! She needs to fess up!

  3. Lori Patterson disse:

    They want Tim Kaine in office. And I can’t really put my finger on it yet but something about him gives me the creeps. Kind of like the feeling I get every time I see a picture of the current fake pope.

  4. A0Refrigerator disse:

    The law and order sound effects aren’t loud enough. They need to be louder.

  5. Gustav Einarsson disse:

    You need to delete this video right now! How low can trump trolls go? This is not a seizure or a “psychotic” episode, she just lost her line of thought after being interrupted by protesters. Look at videos where the same happens to Bush, Trump, Obama etc they all look confused for a second before continuing their speeches. You people just do this because she’s a woman. The presidential campaign has become so uncivilised, I’m glad I live in Sweden where politicians actually debate ideas instead of paying nerds to do the dirty work of character assassination.

  6. Jake Smith disse:

    Where is the media, why should we have to search all over the web to try to understand the physical issues Hillary is having on the campaign trail?   Thanks for this video.

  7. Andrew Swift disse:

    It has a wire attached to it in the video, its a fucking microphone

    • GodGunsGutsandNRA disse:

      +Omega Juicer I know a mic with a wire, but , as a Dr. I know a Diazepam auto-injector even better, and that was NOT an auto-injector. Also, I am definitely NOT a Killary fan; I wouldn’t piss in her mouth if she was dying of thirst!! I never watched her, I find her revolting, but a colleague commented on the bizarre behavior he had noticed, so I watched her. You are CORRECT, she does show signs of Neurological problems; these could be related to the head injury she suffered a while back. A younger person probably could have sustained that blow to the head, & not have any residual problems. At Killary’s age, that blow could, & probably did leave her with residual neurological damage. A YouTube clip showed her getting bombarded with several questions from reporters up close. She reacted as if startled & her reaction looked like a jerky , bobble head seizure; then she came out of it, crazy laughing; asking reporters if they had tried the Chai Tea. Off the wall, & Not a normal response!

    • GodGunsGutsandNRA disse:

      +Omega Juicer She also exhibited strand behavior at the end of the DNC; it looked like Bill was helping steady her while walking her out. Then when the balloons were released, she totally exhibited a very strange response to the releasing of the balloons. I have also noticed her frequent uncontrollable coughing episodes. My have been more to the bump on the head than originally thought!

    • Sailordude2012 disse:

      What about the black guy?

    • Caleb Carmell disse:

      It’s a lavalier mic or something. But the black guy totally has an auto injector.

  8. Ipostle disse:

    Garbage. There was a problem in the audience.

    • Michael Boylan disse:

      Also I don’t get what these conspiracy theorist think the SS agent was gonna do? Shoot her up with some medicine in front of a live audience to uncover her health problem? No they’d tackle her and do it backstage.

    • Ipostle disse:

      +Alex Little I think you democrats would vote for an old woman with 2 years left to live rather than for a republican.Don’t let it bother you.

  9. March Torre disse:

    what is this a law and order episode?

  10. achtungcircus disse:

    Is this the best you’ve got?


  11. Aaron Goodwin disse:

    Looks more like a combat pen

  12. love action disse:

    Oh goodness, these dumb conspiracy theories…y’all need to come up with something better, lol!

    • told iam disse:

      +Aaron Pederson
      Please don’t tell me, “doctor” (stunning I even have to address you as such when you refuse to condone laws forcing parents even against their will to poison their children with vaccines they have no choice to object), how to respond- I can respond however I wish, ironic your responses are far from concise either.

      Why do I want a vocal recording? Why “don’t” you want it, are you that fearful? You’re a coward who isn’t even bold enough to publicly stand on your beliefs even if broadcasted to millions, is that true? How pathetic, shameful in its core. See, at least he will get on any recording unlike her who will probably cough before I get done with my introduction (Bet you he would get on my recording no questions asked, he’s been incredibly generous to known and even lesser known radio hosts, what’s her excuse?)

      Ah, now you blaspheme Jesus’ name, would you do the same with Allah or are you a girly girl Muslim apologist? I’m an Atheist, by the way, and one who is, unlike you, willing to steadfastly object to Sharia Law. What about you? Are you one of those who thinks Islam is peaceful, doctor? Many patients in Saudi Arabia for you to treat.

      Never laughed any harder at you regurgitating how suspicious I am of government. Is there a problem with suspecting of government, government suspects us with or without due process does it not? We can’t tap their phones, but they can ours to “stop terrorism,” you see. Nah, I’m not suspicious of government, they don’t deserve that much credit. Federal government is unconstitutional in every regard, we already have state governments, are you not aware? The problem is you aren’t suspicious enough, what have they done to help you? Hand you a scholarship paid for by everyone else’s dime just not to keep you eternally enslaved to banks just like the rest of us? Such gracious gov’t.

      Is Hillary Clinton an acceptable candidate? Yes or no only, please. If she is not, why on Earth would you not want to stop her from even thinking of being president? For goodness sake you’ve got an unacceptable candidate, yet here you are doing nothing to defeat her. Why don’t you tell me how unacceptable he is? Did his words hurt your feelings, is that why? He is too “honest” for you? Is he acceptable? Not as much as I’d like, not to mention he is far from the best speaker alive, but there are two names listed on that piece of paper we are to pick one.

      Do you as a doctor view war as moral, you don’t find it condemning that lives are being taken in such conflicts on a global scale? Don’t you think citizens ought to be urged to vote for a representative who wants to remove troops from harm’s way in order to get them the treatment they require to simply live? Has she, doctor, pledged to uphold human rights in accordance to common sense morality?

      Am I trying to guilt you into supporting him? Your definition of “support” is far from the one it should be, especially in this election. Why wouldn’t you vote for him? Give me rational reasons as to why. Are you willing to be proven wrong by him? He doesn’t need your support, I’m sure you know, but you seem unwilling to even let him show you how “unacceptable” he is or could be. Are you rational? You have yet to show us how. You know who agrees with you? His opponent, why would you want to be anywhere near her side?

      Don’t vote for him, just remember the blood from her wars will be on your hands for not stopping her (abortion doctors know what innocent blood feels like, you’re in good company).

      You fail to see how much of a distraction her “health issues” are, congratulations. Her health is irrelevant (obviously, you don’t think she would’ve dropped out by now?), she could probably run even if she committed murder (Benghazi isn’t too far-fetched from that; if that’s not enough, how about the destabilization of Libya? The lives lost. Google images of before and after there will you how great our foreign policy has been), let’s discuss substance, can you?

      Two names on the ballot, which one do you prefer and why. The other name, why not?

      P.S. Don’t worry about the twin towers, their collapse is as legit as Pulse nightclub shooting victims calling 911 from outside (not inside) the actual location- if in fact there was even a threat that is 😉

    • told iam disse:

      +Aaron Pederson
      Another candidate besides Hillary who has a chance, you do realize there is another candidate besides her who has a chance. His name is Donald. Why wouldn’t you vote for him? All I’ve gotten from you are the liberal arguments they use over and over. Yes, he doesn’t have political experience. Do you have to in order to be in office? Hillary does have political experience, that’s the problem, she’s never been out of Wall Street at least he is still a private citizen like you and I who is far richer thanks to the success we haven’t had. No, I don’t think you’ll change your mind no matter what not just because you are clearly being dishonest, but you seem to have a mental disorder that can’t be cured. Your vote is going to her, that’s your call.

      How exactly are these parents ignorant or negligent, isn’t their children’s health the precise reason why they aren’t as accepting of vaccines? You do realize an unvaccinated child can’t particularly sicken a vaccinated child with a disease unless they’ve got it in the first place, correct? Trying to point out how that doesn’t make as much sense as you think it is. If their opposition weren’t justified, you bet they wouldn’t be against it.

      Trump presents greater threat for blood shed because of one reason, what you obviously are biased against, he’s a Republican. Is he really the greater threat? Don’t blame him, blame his handlers- again, he’s running as a Republican. Didn’t Bush himself campaign in 2000 on a humble foreign policy against nation building until Cheney and Rumsfeld, along with 911, similar to this nominee? Advisors advised GW (Remember he isn’t exactly all that more experienced than this candidate), sadly he listened. Is he a greater threat? Well, he has shown willingness to work with, not against, Russia. Has his opponent? All she does is bark (literally) at them. At least he’s stating opposition to the Iraq War, his opponent voted for it. Don’t you believe hostility towards Russia could put their and our citizens in danger?

      Most doctors don’t perform abortions, why not all doctors? The problem is any abortions are being performed, abortions shouldn’t exist, wouldn’t you agree?

      Again, how is he worse than she is? All you’ve mentioned are traits of his as a personality (can’t say person as nobody but him really knows who he is, do we?). He isn’t articulate, he’s admitted and shown no regret for it. Let’s say he is slated to win, what’s your biggest genuine concern? What worries you he will/might do? Are you going to say social issues just like any social justice warrior has? If a candidate even shows disagreement with gay marriage, abortion, immigration, do you not vote for him? I hope you realize economy, foreign policy is far more important.

      Never remember saying it, the point is that if you are preferring Hillary Clinton over him, you prefer conflict at least in terms of Russia. Do you believe Russia is indeed the aggressor, how about Assad do you think the Syrian government has killed more of its citizens than other entities? If you say yes to either, guess what? You agree with Fox News, congrats.

      You mentioned him clashing with allies, which allies? Do you mean France’s Hollande, Germany’s Merkel? Does he disagree with them? Please tell me he’s willing to collide with them, because you bet I’ll cast a vote for him if he does. Seriously, you don’t think shaking up NATO could be a good thing, especially when every other politically correct nation not ours believes open borders is even close to rational? How about Israel, is that an ally to you?

      “That government gave me scholarships to go to college for free” My sides, best comment of the day for sure. Rofl! They loaned you money, oh did they really? Who do you think that money belongs to, came from the president’s pocket? You went to college for free? In other words, the college scraped any cost to you, and it didn’t come at the expense of others, correct? No, wrong, free doesn’t exist. Are you kidding? You did not go to college for free, nobody eats for free. They granted you the money they profited from over the years thanks to your submissive peers, and gave it to you like they’re doing you a favor.

      I’m not running away, you were already told her health scandal is a fraud, a sham, a distraction. She isn’t ill, if she were, she would’ve dropped out. Comprende?

      Out of the two who would you vote for, Hill or Don, pick one. If you pick her, you are destroying this nation even further, 24 trillion dollar debt awaits, we strongly disagree. Does what you mentioned concern me about her opponent? Absolutely, he is not my ideal candidate by any means. His running mate for crying out loud, does he not get that if he chooses an Establishment darling his life is literally on the line if/once he wins? How about the laughable surrogates such as that SC Pastor who lied about his biography that he has aligned himself with? His own daughter out of nowhere is now bending over to Judaism and Israel, he has pledged to accept fighting any wars on Israel’s behalf if thety desire it. He’s starting to become your typical politician, thought he wouldn’t use teleprompters yet it seems he’s fond of them now.

      I’m an atheist who realizes that Presidency starts at day one, not primary season. Even with the past he is now leaving behind, he along with anyone (even his opponent if she chooses to) could end up being a successful, maybe even extraordinary leader. If he declares the war we are prepared to endure, you bet I’ll call him on it. If he not only leaves behind a deficit we’ve seen before but does squat to actually relief the debt we have (especially if he is able to, otherwise, yet refuses to), he would’ve been a disgrace and failure. If he were to ban abortions (heck, even dismantling Roe v. Wade which, remember, his VP- not him- called for, sadly Don will probably follow suit), gay marriage reversal, you know there would be calls for impeachment and it would be rightfully. You were asked why you wouldn’t vote for him, and the answer really is I don’t know. Reality of the matter is we don’t know because we can’t know, he was never in the political scene to evaluate his actions not words (which sadly many are focusing on). You’re not voting for him because of the bad judgment he has shown to have. His university scandal, thin-skinned rebuttal to several objectors, Wall proposal (We have a wall already, problem is that it’s not even actually closed. He should focus on fixing what we have.) are mistakes, he doesn’t even seem to get atheism isn’t a religion- there is far to disagree with. However, two names, one wins.

      Could you be wrong about him? You choose her, by the day I’m being convinced to choose him. Any arguments I’d present you I’m sure you could rather easily find expressed on this very site in the form of videos, you are welcome to watch them and/or simply seek feedback in other forums/blogs by use of search engines.

      You’re an agnostic, are you? Why aren’t you an atheist? You do realize that you are an atheist, by definition, being that you do not believe in a God, correct? You are an atheist who is agnostic about there being a deity. However, what’s the agnosticism about? Are you trying to imply that you simply don’t know if there is or not? What evidence do you have that there might be? Honestly, agnostics aren’t far from gnostics, you are giving fantasy credit. If you are agnostic about God, you could as easily be agnostic about unicorns. Why is that? Because even though unicorns have been, for the most part, proven not exist, you are still saying “I don’t know.” What’s there to know if it’s already been established that belief requires faith, no proof has been presented because there is no proof to present. Agnosticism is pretty dishonest, it’s even weaker than weak Atheism. Instead of you saying I am an atheist, you use the “I don’t know, nobody knows” card to basically flee from any debates that may arise. If you’re that confident in your lack of belief, why don’t you resoundingly say “No, I do not believe in God” rather than saying there “might” be a God. Agnosticism is wrong. I can’t be an Agnostic because I know too much about the term God itself to know that such a being can’t possibly exist.

      Shame he isn’t a debater, by the way, she can’t possibly by easier to wipe the floor with. He’s not as strong as I wish he were, though this may be the last time the GOP is even this close to winning. They better take advantage of it, otherwise they are doomed. What a joke, huh? :/

    • Aaron Pederson disse:

      +told iam
      The other candidate made a fool out of himself last night.  He is a blabbering idiot incapable of stringing together coherent sentences much less intelligent thoughts.  He didnt even prepare.  The best he has to offer America is idiotic buzz phrases that lack substance.  No thank you.  Keep calling me liberal when I have clearly said I am not one, its really working wonders for your argument.

      You obviously dont know much about this topic.  My concern is not that unvaccinated kids will spread the disease to vaccinated, but that the unvaccinated kids will be afflicted with preventable disease and give those avoidable diseases an opportunity to become resistant to current methods of suppression.  That was not an intelligent assertion..

      I am not personally a supporter of abortion.  I would never personally participate in one but I cant speak for others who use their right to get one. 

      Uhhh yea, foreign policy and economy are more important.  I have never said otherwise.  Stop trying to put words in my mouth to substitute for your short-sighted arguments and grade school intellect.  His business history is not reflective of someone I want in office. Its abysmal.  I do agree with some of his policy but honestly I have no confidence that he will actually make legitimate changes.  His foreign policy is an absolute disaster.  He claims he is non interventionist and then says he wants to go take oil from the middle east.. Jesus this is a horrendous policy.  He doesnt know a thing about foreign policy though which is why his plan to defeat ISIS is to pass the responsibility to “the generals” lol.  Get outa here.

      You obviously dont know what agnostic means.  Agnostic simply means that I dont know and I am aware of it.  I dont know if there is a God.  Part of me thinks there is, part of me think there isnt, and because I have no proof, I say that I simply dont know.  Athiesm is a belief that there is no God.  You just love to put words in my mouth.  No wonder you are voting for Donald.  Do keep making a fool of yourself if you please.

  13. joshmaster618 disse:

    She sick and needs to be in jail.

  14. el gringo disse:

    She can’t even stand up without leaning or holding onto something. She is rotting from the inside out.

  15. Teddy Bass disse:

    That is a hypostem

  16. Tammy Hart Brennenstuhl disse:

    you guys are freaking crazy….if you actually watched this rally…..there are animal rights protesters that interrupt her….that is secret service on the stage….you guys wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face….

  17. Kebazy disse:

    Are the sound effects neccessary

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