Turnover – Diazepam

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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  1. wav.yliving 波打つ disse:

    This is perfect

  2. Alex Parkinson disse:

    this sounds exactly just like ‘I would hate you if I could’ tbh but i still dig it.

  3. chassidy lamberth disse:

    love this album definitely digging this

  4. HazmatSuitUp disse:

    Youtube suggestions has pulled through.
    This band is amazing.

  5. Gavin Solis disse:

    Is that Mat Kerekes at 2:05?

  6. borin hang disse:

    the rounds at the end is prob my fav part, where they both start singin diff lines of the song

  7. samuel novak disse:

    I haven’t instantly liked a band this much since I first heard this town needs guns.

  8. Mis Kay disse:

    they sound like the cure

  9. Alex Sato disse:

    I love this song soo much!

  10. Rebekah Cleveland disse:

    Have you ever even listened to The Cure?

  11. Sophia rodriguez disse:

    I love this band so much! Lots of Love from Costa Rica

  12. Sophia rodriguez disse:

    I love this band so much! Lots of Love from Costa Rica

  13. Samuel Blues disse:

    I record Grunge-Blues-Psychedelia. Check out my music!

  14. legendofjustin disse:

    I hope you know it breaks my heart that I’m the reason for your sleeping alone

  15. Julian Zidarevich disse:

    this rox

  16. peterfrushell disse:

    pure manically depressing music

    • Andy 101 disse:

      peterfrushell funny you should mention. i was wondering from the moment i first heard the last song of this record. If somebody in the band was actually bipolar. Or is it more of a theme for this record to have that kind of vibe.

  17. Dewayne Phillips disse:

    1:49 onward… fucking. wow.

  18. dickface mcgee disse:

    what does this have to do with valium?

  19. Nathan Start disse:

    My friend sent me this, so glad he did
    What a beautiful song <3

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