Valium Effects (Diazepam) 2012 Valium Negatives For Those Abusers

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Maquiagem Para Casamento e Afins

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  1. Adam Workey disse:

    I never had any adverse effects or withdrawal from diazepam. Mostly due to the fact that I don’t take them that much at all. Alprazolam (Xanax) is more addictive and dangerous. I actually felt withdrawal from abruptly stopping taking those for 2 weeks. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can even be life-threatening.

  2. Henry Hazlitt disse:

    had this before wisdom teeth came out…valium is fucking awesome haha

  3. Truth Is Us disse:


    Thats correct, but sadly today the majority that get hold of these are all imported, and especially for the UK this is NOT ILLEGAL.

    more deaths will come with these through over use / addicition and missue

  4. iuriSalvador disse:

    @dvhendo wht´s the name of the song?

  5. 420hodgie disse:

    nothin like a few blues, a sugary drink n a spliff,best way to relax once in a while if you don’t drink like me

  6. Truth Is Us disse:


    Yes, same they are both Benzo’s however Xanax have a shorter half life. Be careful with any benzo’s, always consult with your doctor, and take them as prescribed by a qualified body, be safe! Xanax is powerful in that, you only have to take 1MG and thats equivelent to about 20MG valium. so if its not prescribed to you, get off it now, while you can. take care.

  7. MooWooCartoons disse:

    @420hodgie Amazing 🙂

  8. Katherine Wallace disse:

    @sambojangle ~ Um, no benzo addiction is NOT myth (learn how to spell) ~ benzo withdrawal can KILL YOU! Get a clue.

  9. METALTRON89 disse:

    I had a bottle of whiskey las night got wasted then popped two valiums i felt amazing for 15 mins then jus fell asleep.

  10. movado disse:

    @exsmackhed 50 would kill you

  11. StickyInADarkBlueCut disse:

    @420hodgie Good comment. Drinking is rediculously overrated

  12. Thor Odinson disse:

    If anyone has been taking any Benzo for long enough and stops all of a sudden they suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms. However most of those people are either drug abusers and procure them illegally or don’t heed their medical practitioner’s advice. To safely withdrawal off of Benzo’s one must do it slowly over time, otherwise they’re either ill-advised or morons waiting for a slice of detox hell.

  13. Tyler Lucas disse:

    Back when i was ab 16 i took 10 blues and i was messed up i could barly walk i tried to turn on a lamp and ended up knocking it off the table….

  14. Solopsystem disse:

    no way are you a doctor lol

  15. Alejandro Nicolez disse:

    I got up to roughly 20 x 2mg Xanax bars a day and it had to be pointed out to me that I had a problem. I had no idea; auto pilot. Benzos have a purpose and can make a very occasional treat but you have to be careful and know what yo’re doing. Best avoided really. Diazepam (Valium) may have a longer half-life and, on paper seem less addicting with less of a crash but it’s still a one-way ticket to dream-land. Never buy 100.

  16. Danny disse:

    its saving my life havent been anxiety and chest pain free for years

  17. Jeremy Mora disse:

    4 1/2 months in.. just recently found out whats wrong with me. drug induced anxiety(xtc)
    ..goin to try and get off 20 mg paxil (anitdepressant) and go to diaxapam

  18. Reverend Wilhelm disse:

    Research shows if I am correct Valium has been around since early 60’s and Is the safest benzo family. there haven’t been as many long term studies on some of the newer bonzo’s. but still I am not advocating drug abuse of any kind.

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